Topic: Punishment versus child abuse (cultural belief)

Attached is a rubric for this assignment and a example of the format this paper needs to be in. Paper needed to be at least 1400 words 3-4 pages APA format. Supportive articles need to be PEER REVIEWED articles. Attached is the guidelines for this paper. We submit our paper through Turn-it in which needs to be less then 20% copied.

The paper HAS to be based on this article which is about a football player abusing this child.

It is very important to include American Nurses’ Association (ANA) Code of Ethics as a supporting document. Once again:

1) paper and supporting peer reviewed articles need to be based on the attached article about a football player beating his child.

2) There is a template attached to this file called “student rubric and example” as well. The paper needs to be written in the same format as the template. It tells you what to write and what information to put in each paragraphs.

3) Articles need to be peer reviewed and also using specific American Nurses’ Association (ANA) Code of Ethics as a supporting point. APA format.


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