Research Methods and Procedures Lab Report

For this assignment you will complete a 300 word lab report that must be completed in MLA Style and in Microsoft word. The lab report is based on Pathogen Resistance Experiment. There are 3 parts to the lab report that require 100 words for each part. A title and reference page is required.

Pathogen Resistance Experiment:

Test the effectiveness of cleaners in preventing mold and bacteria growth. Mix a set amount of cleaners and water and apply it to a piece of bread, repeating for each type of cleaner you want to test. Place bread in separate baggies and monitor growth. Graph present of the bread covered in mold by day. You will need to provide a Graph for this experiment.

Part 1

Methods and Procedures:

Rewrite the materials and procedures from the lab proposal sheet in detailed paragraph form. Identify the equipment you have used and the data collection techniques.

Use the exact measurements and descriptions

Write in past tense

100 word minimum.

Attached is the lab proposal sheet

Topic: Pathogen Resistance Experiment

The question I plan to investigate in my experiment: will cleaners prevent mold and bacteria growth

Independent variable: 3 hand sanitizers

Dependent variable: bread mold growth

Controlled variables: amount of substance zip lock container

Procedure: test prevention of mold growth

Materials hand sanitizers, bread water, plastic bags,

Hypothesis: mold will still grow but not as much.

Part 2

Data and Discussion of Results

This part is fact. Prepare graphs and tables and figures picture should be given a title and a number.

The text should reference all figures and tables by number and not by title

Be sure to include labels units.

All graphs, tables, and figures should be included in the text to avoid forcing the reader to flip pages

Use the X axis for the independent variables and the Y axis for the dependent variables.

If at all possible create graphs digitally. If you must create them by hand use a ruler ad is extremely neat.

Discussion of results

Do your measurements and data make sense? If your data doesn’t make sense, point out what possible problems might have occurred.

Beas specific and quantitive (use Numbers) as possible. Avoid the use of phrases such as “human error” and pin point exact errors made. Always comment on data points that do not fit in with the rest of your data.

Graph and tables must be referenced in the text

100 word minimum.

Part 3

Conclusion and recommendations

Present the conclusion you draw from the results, this can be your opinion based on research collected in introduction and results from experiment. All conclusions should be clearly stated and supported with evidence.

Cite specific results and observations from the experiment and tie them to your conclusions.

Summarize reasons for any disagreement between your results and the expected results.

Recommend ways to correct problems that may have led to inaccurate or bad data points.

Recommend any practical way of improving the experiment and suggestions for future research/experiments to expand the field of knowledge

100 word minimum.

Please include a reference

Should be done in MLA style

Scientific paper

Format: last name, first name title of resource, publication, last edited date, volume, page numbers

Online reference

Format: editor,author,name of site, version number, name of institution or organization affiliate with site,publisher,date of resource creation, medium of publication, date of access.

And a title page

Title page should include

The name of the experiment


The date the experiment was performed.

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